Frequently Asked Questions

Your Mural

What type of material do you use?

We offer 4 different types of material. All of the material is a peel and stick, movable material that confroms to the surface of the wall. The four primary choices of material we offer are EasyStick, Fabric, and Exterior SuperStick. All material come in a matte finish to reduce glare and bring out the brightness of the colors. Although not necessary for most interior walls, each material can come with a gloss or matte laminate per request of the order.

EasyStick - For smooth surface only
  • Easy apply. Not necessary to have experience to install.
  • Common surfaces for installation are smooth primed and painted drywalll/plaster, ceramic tile, smooth wood surface, smooth metal, and smooth wood panels.
SuperStick - For smooth and lightly textured surfaces.
  • Easy apply, but can only be applied once. Has a permanent grip.
  • Common surfaces for installation are smooth primed and painted drywall/plaster.
Fabric - For smooth surfaces only. Has the woven fabric similar to the texture of canvas.
  • Easy apple. No necessary to have experience to install.
  • Common surfaces for installation are smooth primed and painted drywall/plaster, ceramic tile, smooth wood surface, smooth metal, and smooth wood panels.
Exterior SuperStick - For exterior use only
  • Experienced installer is strongly recommended.
  • Common surfaces are smooth concrete, bricks, and stucco walls.
Do you offer any other options for material?

Yes. We offer a variety set of different materials per request of the customer.

What sizes do you have?

We can print almost any size. Our standard sizes come in small, medium or large; however, you can choose a custom size and input your wall’s length and height.

How long will it be before I receive my mural?

Allow an average time between 5-8 business days before receiving your mural.

What if I measured wrong?

If your measurements are too large, install the mural first and then cut off any excess material. If your measurement is too small, there are several options you can go with in order to fix this. Accurate wall measurements are the customer’s responsibility and are not liable under us. Double check your measurements before buying the product in order to avoid this.

Uploading Images / Custom Murals

Can I use an image found online?

Images on search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc are not feasible images for wall murals. If you find an image and buy it from a professional source like “Shutterstock, istock, and Getty images,” those are capable of being printed for murals. Make sure you buy and download the largest and highest quality of the image though upon buying it.

Can I use an image from my phone?

Depending on the size you desire, an image from your android or iphone can be used. For much larger murals, we recommend a high resolution professional photography camera. If you are unsure about the resolution of your image, you can email us the image and we will get back to you on whether or not the quality is good enough for the mural.

Installation and Removal

Can I install the mural myself?

Our interior material are user friendly and can be installed by anyone. We will provide a written instruction to installing along with a video demonstrating the installation.

What tool do I need for installing?

We will provide a squeegee tool for installation, because those are not common tools in the workforce. A utility knife, razor blade, and a measuring tape are required for the installation.

Can I use the material in the bathroom or pool room?

Our material can be used in most high humidity environments. Just make sure that the room is not humid upon installation.

Do you offer installation?

We offer installation in the area of Ventura County, Los Angeles County, Santa Barbara County, and Orange County. Installation fees are an extra $2.00-$3.00 per sqft. Anywhere outside of this jurisdiction, you can look up “Wall Covering Installers Association” to find an installer in your area.

Can I remove my mural if I want to redecorate?

Murals can be removed like stickers. Start by peeling the corner and work your way down until the entire wall is removed. The longer the mural has been on the wall, the tougher it may be to remove. Just required a little bit more of a tug. With EasyStick and fabric, paint should be fine after removed, however, because we are unaware of the quality of paint and primer used for the surface of the wall prior to installation, we are not liable for any paint that may retract after removal. SuperStick is far more permanent and will remove paint when removed from the wall.